Texting or calling a girl?

guys, do you prefer texting or call a girl? and why?


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  • I prefer a text. It is within my comfort zone. I'm shy. You'll take a text, or nothing at all. I have to be pretty damn comfortable to call. And girls RARELY make me that comfortable. They always make it a guessing game. If you want to be called... make it completely obvious you like me.


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  • I'd prefer to text as long as I can say what I need to say in a text

  • I call , cause I don't worry about my phone's Credit , I'm rich =p

    Calling is a more Direct way of communicating , and she will have to answer you.

    not like during texts when she AFK for 2 hours then she answers Back , this doesn't happen During phone calls

  • depends on the situation.

    I text more then I talk like everyone else

    but I like talking to people on the phone so I don't forget their voice and I can hear the tone in which things were said.

  • to be honest, both. texting throughout the day and whatnot...calling in the morning or at night.

    but either way, I definitely appreciate it if the girl called.

    • actually...definitely calling...cuz you don't have to wait for them to respond...

    • what if they don't answer the phone like there in the shower or something?

    • in the case that happens, and I really wanna talk to them...i just usually leave them a text saying "call me back ;)"...but if it's something trivial, I'll just leave them with a text.

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