Any advice for a first date? help!

I'm totally lost y'all. And I really hope everything turns out good.

Am going tomorrow on a double date my bestie with her boyfriend wich I know and are awesome and this guy and me..we both like each other (:

I just want some advice...I want to make it fun we are guetting together to watch a movie and then maybe go out for a coffe at starbucks...any advice in what to talk about or something..

Please and thnks (:

Ps:am really looking for a kiss there a way I can let him know that with signs..?


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  • first, you shouldn't depend on random people on the internet on what a "perfect date" is. It varies from person to person, some guys like movies, some guys like bowling, etc. Its entirely your judgement because you personally know the guy. We dont. So don't ask us what a perfect date is.

    As for a kiss, show a bit of affection when your around him. Stand close to him, wrap your arm around him when you walk close to him, put your hands in his pocket, etc. be cute and cuddly. He shouldn't be able to resist if you play it right.


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