I'm fighting between moving on forever or just date and see what happens.

ok long story short my ex broke up with me 3 months ago. its our 2nd break up in 2 1/2 years.First time he said we were too different. Second he said he isn't inlove with me anymore and it sucks.

My problem is now I'm torn into with myself. The best way to put it is this;

im starting to have a little crush for this guy in class and may even consider being with him. I really want to find someone that will treat me right and trully love me and respect me for who I am and not give up on me as easily as he did.

But at the same time for some reason I feel sometime down the line me and my ex will meet up again, be a little more mature about things and might actually work things out. He was a great guy but my flaws kept him from commiting and he couldn't look past that.

I know the best thing to do is move on but I'm fighting between moving on forever or just date and see what happens.How can I live my life without worrying about these things? I don't want my ex back right now but maybe someday down the line things might be different and I don't want to mess it up. ( I think too much don't I?)


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  • i think that you should date or pursue this other guy because your ex boy friend was probably not in "love" because he could not accept you for your flaws.i think you need a guy who will treat you right and if he does see a flaw in you he would not want to break up over it.or even make you change.your ex should have looked at all of the good qualitys instead of the few bad ones.when a person starts focussing on the bad parts of a relationship and not the good it will never work.

    • I'm glad I'n not he only one who feels that way. If I run into a flaw I just think of all the good things about them. Of course if that flaw something that may eventually go away over time or I can work with. If I can't (like him cheating or hitting me or something) then I'll leave.To me love doesn't look for reasons to not be in love.

    • Yea the only time to actually look at a persons flaws is when they are so big that there are more flaws the benefits.....people can change but only if they want to.

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  • haha no ur not thinking too much.its normal to think this way especially since you went through 2 breakups.but I dun really think that guy gave up easily you know?i mean 1 and a half years is quite a long time.anyway its hard to find someone that'll accept ur flaws.for me personally I'm quite self-conscious so I take criticism quite hard.and I try to change to suit others.quite hard sometimes but it works for me.

    i think right now since ur still young.date around.maybe you might find a guy greater than ur ex.and trust me.if you ex loves u.he'll want you back


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  • Ok, number one you don't think to much, we all have been in some sort of situation like this. Second, if your not wanting to be with your ex right now then the chances of you wanting to be with him down the road is slim to NONE.So, first off I would put your mind away from your ex and completely forget about him. Two, if you really like this other guy in your class then I would say go for it.but just remember this could be a rebound for you, with out you knowing it.

    Its all great to want someone to respect you, treat your right, and love you but to look for all of that at the wrong time its not a good thing.

    I would definitely see where things could go with this new guy but be very careful as to know use him, or get yourself hurt again.