Where to hang out with a female friend?

I've only ever taken girls out on dates 1 on 1 and if I ever hang out with a girl, it's usually with a group of people.

But this girl is like we should hang out sometime! And I like her, she knows I like her and I have a feeling she finds me attractive but she said we should stay friends.

Anyway so I guess it is kinda weird, but I've never hung out 1 on 1 with a girl as just friends, it's always been romantic when it's just me and a girl going out.

So where do you guys hang out with your female friends? Should I just go to lunch with her? Is it just like any place you would take a date except it's just not sexual or romantic? Like we could go watch a movie together?

I feel kinda silly for not knowing this and being 20..


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  • the same things you do with a guy friend really


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  • yeah go to a movie, chill at the park, watch TV or a movie at one of your houses.

    tho if I were you, I don't think I'd hang out with a girl that knows I like her and just wants to stay friends, cause you might start liking her more and more till its just torture and she starts telling you about other guys and you just feel like dying inside and start to resent her for not liking you back.

    just saying.

  • Shopping with her(have sex in the changing rooms), cinemas, theatre, any restaurant that's formal I would think,

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