How can I kiss and not be scared?

I am getting to the age to were boys wan kiss and do that thing. You know? Anyways when this boy wants to kiss me first off he is a lot taller to me. And I am scared to kiss him, can you tell me how can I kiss him with out being scared and the height thing.

ps: how can I make a boy wan kiss me?

how can I get boys to like me?

how can I get people like me?


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  • You'll find that kissing is very... natural? I guess that's a good word. I was very nervous for my first kiss, but it was so easy! As long as you don't stick your tongue down his throat, you're good! Lol Don't worry too much about it honey, because you can't really "prepare" for that. Just go with it!

    And for the height issue; he'll kneel down to YOU. Don't worry about getting up to his level, lol

    Boys will like you! I know this is so over-played, but just be yourself! Don't be someone your not just to impress a guy. If a boy doesn't like you the way you are, then they're not worth dating in the first place. Simple as that! I wish I would have listened to that when I was your age. It would have saved me a lot of stress and worry!

    Good luck girly,



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  • the only thing I can say is be confident. he probably doesn't know what he's doing either. that. and it all comes naturally.

    as for the questions:

    you can't.

    you can't.

    you can't.

    you can just be yourself for all of the above and hope people like you.

    also, do whatever it takes to feel confident. people notice that the most. for me that was running 3 miles everyday for several months and now cycling 20 some miles everyday.

    hope that helped xD

  • get a boy to kiss you can be easy, if your sitting really close, maybe just a peck on the cheek might tip him off


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