How to tell my husband that his attitude is bothering me?

there are these my husband's friend and wife..that guy is also my husband's colleague..

sometimes we hang out in the weekends..go see places and all..

i like them but the problem is my hubby gets very excited when he is with his friend...and acts crazy like he has a big teenage crush on his friend and forgets me completely...i fell so left alone sometimes...

i know he is having his share of fun and I enjoy their company too but my husbands attitude is the one which pisses me off..

i expressed it to him indirectly without taking names but I doubt he got it..

now beccause of this I get irritated whenever he mentions of calling them or hanging out with them...

how do I explain it to him without hurting him..coz my hubby is sensitive and gets pissed off a little easily..

and if I mention it..i do not want to end up in a fight with him or he avoiding his friend completely..

i know he is a good friend and I do not want to spoil their friendship at any cost...


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  • You're supposed to pair up with the other wife, what's the problem?


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  • I think that you can tell him you need to speak with him about something that is on your mind and you need him to listen to you carefully. Tell him that you are in no way angry and that you really like this couple & like hanging out with them and want to continue to do so often. Tell him that you enjoy the fact that they (he & this guy) are very good friends. Let him know that you really like his wife & it's a good time when you're together. And when the four of you are together it would be nice if he would occasionally remember that you are there too. Just for a couple of minutes. You don't want to dominate his time just share in it when the four of you are out. That's all. And tell him if he doesn't want to, it's alright, you can live with that. You just like his company too. No biggy.

    Do not complain. It's not that big a deal. Ask him what he thinks about what you said. And listen.

    Now, if you two go out on your own, just the two of you, just don't worry about this at all.