My boyfriend is gonna hang with a bunch of girls for 9 days!!!!

Ok so our school does a trip to France for the French students which my boyfriend is going on and normally I wouldn't mind it but none of our guy friends are going on it (and neither am I) so he'll be hanging out with a bunch of girls every day for nine days. Now I trust him completely and most of the girls he'll be hanging out with are good friends who I know would never try anything (and who are in serious relationships themselves) but there are some who I don't know well and some who I really just don't trust all that much...I'm not going to tell him I can't go cause he's been planning it for years (before I knew him) and I'd feel awful if he didn't go so I guess I'm just looking for advice and maybe a way to feel better. So any comments especially from guys or girls with similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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  • If it's just nine days, nothing is going to happen. He'll spend time with them; there might even be flirting, but it will be harmless. If he is a good and honest person, then nothing will happen. There's no point in stressing out about it; if he is going to cheat, there's nothing you can do about it until he comes back, which is to dump his ass. Until then, there's nothing to worry about.

  • I went on one of these school france trips, and if it was anything like ours, then there are some thing you should know. First of all, a trip to a foreign country is a wonderful thing, and it shouldn't be done alone. He will become pretty good buddies (if he isn't already) with someone going. You said all girls right? We also got a ton of free time, and if these girls are anything like my "girlfriends" then you shouldn't worry. France is a beautiful place, but girls will be girls, and shopping will occupy all of their free time. You have nothing to worry about. The worst that will happen is he spends 9 days shopping with girls. He will miss you, and have a great story to share with you when he gets back

    • Well I know he won't do anything but now That I think about it I'm just really upset that he's going to spend 9 whole days all day with a group of girls when I've never gotten that much time with him, which I understand because we have families and work and school and it just couldn't happen but just thinking about how they get that time with him it just hurts me and even thinking about it makes me cry...I know it sounds stupid

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