Phone has not been getting calls. Should I call her?

so I got a text saying that she had a great time on our date and that she enjoyed being with me. asked her out again and to let me know when she is avail for dinner. havnt heard back text or voice mail since then. my phone also this last few weeks has been dropping calls and straight up not even receiving calls when people say they tried to contact me. should I call her up and explain it? or just call and ask again? ..or take it as a sign and move on? thanks. it sounds lame but its a legit problem with my phone and not sure how to come off as genuine and not just looking for an excuse to call.

a week.
but she had plenty of opportunities to call or text. kinda get the vibe she isn't interested based on lack of contacting me. unless she's the type of girls that likes to be perused...but in my book it just makes me look stalkerish.


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  • how long has it been since the time you called her?

    • see updates... a week

    • i think you should try once more

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