Should I just tell him I like him? Why would he do this?

In my college class there is this guy who likes me. He is always staring at me and his friend said he liked me. Last week he said I looked nice and asked if I had a date that weekend. HOWEVER, this week he has totally ignored me and not said one word to me. What is up with that? Should I just tell him I like him?


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  • You probably should.

    The way you put it, it seems quite likely that he found out about your response when his friend told him he likes and is too shy to face up to you about it.

    It is also likely that your answer to his date question and your answer to it made him feel as he can't have you or you are not interested.

    Simmilarly, maybe he thinks he has done everything and you are not giving him any signals that would still keep him interested.

    I would suggest you don't throw yourself at him incase he is the one who's crush has died down, but try to initiate a convo with him, invite him with some friends hanging out, or if you feel appropriate, tell him you like him. I suggest you don't adulterate it, but keep him as a friend and let it strengthen.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks, I will sit by him today in class and just tell him I like him. There are only 3 days left in the class anyway.

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  • maybe you told everyone that he likes you and made everyone know.. something must have gone wrong :S remember what you have said or done this week towards him :)

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