When hanging out with a girl you like, when is it too much?

I've been hanging out with this girl, I've liked for a while, for about a bit over a week now. We've probably been talking for about a month to month and a half. We've probably hung out 4 or 5 days out of the past week. We text almost everyday, sometimes I start it and sometimes she does too. Same goes for hanging out, it's not me suggesting it all the time. What is hanging out too much? I know it's possible to spend too much time together because I've done that before. I really don't want that to happen this time. Last night things were great, having fun, flirting and what not then she goes to leave (instead of spending the night like she has a few times) and as I walk her to her car things just seem a bit different. I noticed a Facebook status update a bit after she left saying "Confusion. Is. A. B****." I'm just kinda worried we've been hanging out too much. One of her best friends has kind of said that she and I are almost dating/a couple, just in general statements with groups of people, and usually it's just kinda whatever. Then last night that friend said something when we were about to play pool like "well the couples can play against each other" and the girl I like goes "Well I'm not in a relationship" and her friend said you pretty much almost are. Then it was just awkward after that. Am I thinking too much? What should I say to her? Any suggestions?


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  • give it 3 days and then send a text saying I want to see you and hang out

    dont be clingy

    or she might think your needy

    hope this helps :)

    and good luck


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  • dont worry too much

    I'm quite sure she likes you but a bit shy to admit her true feelings especially in front of you :)

    • Ha ha, OK. I'll try not to then :) We've both out right said we like each other but most of the other times it's in a super sarcastic/funny way I guess ha ha.

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    • once or twice a week is enough so she misses you lol

      and make sure its fun so you can go out more frequently :)

    • OK, makes sense. That's what I was going to try to do but then it turned into hanging out for 4 days straight. We hung out last night and it seemed to get a bit weird as she was leaving, I don't know. I should give it a day or two and then hang out again right?

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