To text or not to text?

Okay I met this guy just over a month ago. Ever since then we have been texting on a daily bases and its been going really well. We arranged a date, which we were both looking forward too , but then he cancelled because he was unwell - fair enough! So we rearranged, then on the day he cancelled again saying his illness had come back. Now I am confused, things seemed to be really going well, but him cancelling twice has made me unsure. I've not spoken to him for 3 days now since he cancelled. Should I text him and see how he is or should I just forget and move on?



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  • this is SOOOOO SOOO SOOOO strange, I had this title and posted about a couple weeks ago...thats what caught my eye

    you were in the SAME position I was in...a little different, but the "excuses" were there or "something" always came up

    heres what I've done...i texted her after posting this similar question, telling her that I hope I wasn't "pushing" her to hang out with me...she replied with a crazy huge text that basically said there is a lot going on in her life, her brother is moving, she's stressed out having to deal with work and school and blah blah blah...anywhooooo I basically told her that if she needed someone to talk to that she can call me and yada yada...i ended it by saying if YOU want to hang out sometime, YOU let me know...

    basically leaving the ball in her court

    that being said, if she(he in your case) wants to hang out, she'll make an effort to...

    so to text or not to text...well that's really up to you, you're a girl, I'd suggest NOT to only because I assume (with past expierences) that most girls like when a guy controls the situation, as in he has something planned or at least an idea of what to do...i'd really just let it go, I know its hard and I've def thought about texting that girl again, but you know what...why waste my time? she kept going on and on about how she missed me and wanted to see me yet when it came down to it she never pulled thru..maybe it was her having a boyfriend that worried her? maybe she didn't trust herself around me? I wasn't trying to steal her from her boyfriend or anything like that, just get to know her a little bit - I mean there can be guy/girl friendships too even if one has a bf/gf...

    so I'd just kinda let it go, if he wants to get in touch with you he will

    sorry to get off on a tangent and explain my situation lol

    hope this helps, GL


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  • I think you should wait a bit before texting him.

    And when you do, be casual. Like don't flirt too much, but at the same time don't be distant.

    And make sure that next time you schedule a date - don't use the word date unless he says it. because maybe he's shy...

    and make sure he knows that you're interested in seeing him - but don't be creepy (lol)

    like be; hey well I really think it would be time to hang out dude :) we haven't seen each other in a while, and if you feel better I'm thinking of doing... and then say a fun hang out place you wanna go or stuff like that :)

    ---- befriend him first, and then date him :)

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