Is it possible: a guy you previously dated turning into your guy best friend?

I dated a guy for sometime. We had fun, we had sex but after a few months, we decided that it's not going to work. It was a mutual decision. I wanted a clean break but he wanted us to still be friends.

After a few weeks, we got together for coffee and have regularly gone out after that. I realized that although there is still some degree of attraction between us, we have never crossed the line of being friends. It's been months since we broke up and started seeing each other as friends from time to time- as in platonic, best friend kind of thing. I've gone out on dates with other guys and asked him some questions or "tips"; him- I'm not sure Because he's not telling me anything about his dating experiences :)

Lately I came to realize that I never looked at him as a boyfriend material anymore. Now I'm wondering, is it really possible to turn a boyfriend into a best friend? Any of you exprienced this before?

I am hoping that he feels the same way because I didn't want to give the wrong impression to him.- that is something that I would not do to a friend.


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  • Yea it is. I have friends that I dated who I am still friends with and you would never know we had a thing. I'm laid back and chill about everything, I don't stand underneath some chick's balcony while its pouring outside screaming, I love you Diana. I'm kinda of the guy where if things don't work out, I look at it as a positive experience and that's why I don't have baggage even with exes. Actually, I take that back, there are some bad break ups but its low in the ratio.

    It is possible to turn a guy friend into a boyfriend because guys are more open to the idea than women are. I however, can never date a female friend ever. Unless I dated her before, but if she started out as a friend, there is no going back. Actually a girl I dated one time, we became friends but still had some feelings so we went for it again. Its all about the awkwardness, you have to shake it off and be like "Okay, I know this doesn't go according to dating etiquette, but lets break the rules and not be awkward, maybe we can just f-uck. Who cares>"

    Yea, peace out now.


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  • i wanted a girl, we went out as friends. she doesn't want me and she now is afraid to be my friend where I don't mind it. I look at it as I may be 280 lbs but I'm a catch and would show her fun so if she doesn't want me then ill have fun and meet better women while being a friend to her. but she ignores me unless she wants something so it needs to end and if you check out my latest question I think I ended it by caring...about her well being more than impressing her.


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  • Yes.