I paid on the first date, did I usurp his prerogative?

I met this guy online, and for our first date we went to mini-golf. I told him I'd pay when we met up, because I was the inviter. He got the munchies later on though.

Now he's been quiet for some time (for a good reason...he's camping with old friends) but it makes me nervous none the less. :P

If he's still quiet a couple of days after he's due back what should I do? Did I offend his manly sensibilities? XD

I know I'm mostly being a nervous nelly, so try not to scold me too much if you think I'm ridiculous. ^_^;;


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  • Depends how the date went. Did it seem like you both had fun and enjoyed each others' company? Was the conversation like a ping-pong match? And most importantly, did the date end with a hug? A kiss? A mention of getting together again soon? Just a few things to think about.

    Either way, all you can really do is wait and see when/if he contacts you again. If you know for sure the date he gets back, you could ask him how camping went. I'm sure he was flattered and thinks you're not like every other girl since you ponied up on the first date. What a gal. (:

    • Ah this all makes me feel better. It's pretty much a yes to all of those except the kiss (we're both far to shy to go for that on a first date. ^_^;;)

    • Awesome! Then don't sweat a thing. ^_^

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  • I think it is great that you paid, because you were the one that invited him. I believe you did the right thing, and wouldn't worry about hurting his feelings. I don't think he is so fragile that his male ego, can't handle a woman paying. If he is so easily offended, then he really isn't stable enough to be your boyfriend anyway.

    Good luck.

    • True that. I'm glad to hear not all guys are touchy about that. Most of the guys I knew growing up were always overly chivalrous about that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate chivalry, but too much is awkward rather than charming. =P

  • Shoot him a text, asking about how his camping trip went. If he doesn't respond or gives you a one word answer, that will sum it up.

    • I did this! Haha, it makes me feel much better to know I'm doing the right things here. We had a short but very nice conversation on how things were going for the both of us. Many more than one or two syllables. =P

    • Well, then I suppose you should relax a little bit. ;)

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  • I don't know what his deal is, if he wanted to pay, all he had to do was say, he'd rather pay, it's not that big of a deal.