I can't get over him, help!

Alright, so I dated this one guy for about a month or so and everything was dandy. Then he broke up with me for different reasons, that yes he did tell me. One of them being that he couldn't see a future with me, yet he continues to flirt with me. We broke up almost half a year ago, and I think I still have feelings for him. He knows I have these feelings.

I know you are thinking stuff like, "Why still have the feelings when he broke up with you and can't see a future with you?" My answer for you is, even if he said that to me, he is still the same guy to me, only what his intentions are, are once again confusing.

There was a bit of time when I managed to tell myself I didn't like him anymore, and I managed to actually convince myself of this. But, that did not last long, for when I tricked myself, was during a time I did not have contact with him. But we started talking again and the feelings returned. I have no idea of how to deal with these feelings, nor do I any longer even understand them. I need assistance. Please!


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  • You shouldn't put yourself through that, he doesn't want you he broke up with you. Leave it at that I now its easier said then done, but trust me ALL my friends come to me for boy advice, and it always works.

    You have to get rid of all contact with him, you should tell him it isn't fair on you and that he has to leave you alone that you want to move on. Delete his number, face book, twitter. EVERYTHING. It is the only way to get him out of your life and move on.

    If you have things that remind you of him, get rid of them too.

    Start fresh have a girls night , sleep over watch movies and just talk only a girls best friends can cheer her up. You should get dressed up one night and go out it will make you feel hot and give you confidence so you know you don't need him that you're going to move on and be happy.

    You should listen to Rihanna ft Nicki Manaj - raining men, it's so true and it should be how you look at life.

    It will be hard and I understand your feelings but it isn't fair on you to let yourself go through all that. No guy is ever worth that and you deserve much better then that. You will find some one who will feel the same about you, someday.

    But your young don't be worrying about some guy. Kiss plenty of frogs until you find your prince. :) add me on this if you want to talk more, hope I helped :* x

    • But I CANT get rid of ALL contact with him because we have mutual friends as well as we are going to school together in the Fall, so its fairly inevitable that I will have contact with him. And I know I shouldn't put myself through this kind of crap, but I don't wanna be the person who lacks the ability to stay friends with their ex's when the ex didnt/hasnt really done anything wrong.

    • Alot of girls find it hard to stay hard with their ex, especially if they have the same friends. Seen as your going to the same school in September your going to have to find away to get over him because what if he gets a new girlfriend? It's going to be hard but you have to accept it is over. Talk to your friends about it I'm sure they will help you