What does a drunk call mean?

I was talking to this girl about a month and a half ago. We hung out once or twice with mutual friends and texted a lot. Then when I tried to setup a 1 on 1 she didn't respond to my text so I didn't text her anymore. Last night was her birthday and she called me drunk asking me for a ride home. My friend said she was talking about me and asking why I wasn't there. Once I got there her friend was like, no let me take her home (I guess she didn't want us doing anything). But while I was there she was really touchy on me, and not any of the other guys.

Does this mean anything? I know there are girls I would call when I'm drunk that I probably wouldn't call when I'm sober but obivously she's not mad at me for not trying to keep our relationship going before. But should I try talking to her again or just let it go because she somewhat ended it before?


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  • I would pay more attention to how she is with you when she's sober not drunk. I used to drunk dial guys when I was in college even if I wasn't that interested. I think it's being drunk and wanting some attention, and calling someone you know will give it to you.

    I would say it's a bitch move, but guys do it too! lol

    If you've made an effort and she hasn't responded (sober)...I would say that's your answer! Take care...


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  • sounds like she's wondering why you didn't chase her when you didn't' respond to you


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