Women don't deserve maternity leave apparently?

I listen to AM Radio talk show in the morning on my way to work, and I listen to Mike Gallagher in the evening when I get off work. Usually the guy shuts down everybody that disagrees with his view points, or hangs up on them during a pause where he continues talking after the phone conversation. But not this time, this time the tables turned X-D I usually agree with some of the stuff he says but not always. However one thing really blew my mind, I couldn't believe he said this.

'It's a racket for women to get 3 months maternity leave!'

Boy, did he get a lot of callers after that one. And I agree with the callers that phoned in. Nine months of carrying around another human being, and going through all the labor involved with that is no joke and a man can't know what it feels like, and I think women do deserve paid leave of absence during this time.

What are your views on this? There is some surprisingly counter intuitive economic data I learned in college about the effects of maternity leave and female labor force on the market, but I think I'll hold off on that.


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  • Here's an idea: Why not let the companies and the women decide how to deal with time off for maternity leave?

    There will be LOTS of different companies, and they can offer LOTS of different alternatives. Some could be super generous and give you 9-12 months fully paid off. Others can give you absolutely nothing. And there could be all sorts of options in between. Think that sounds weird? Consider this:

    All jobs offer different PAY too! Why is this ANY different?

    Obviously, some women would be more inclined to take a job that offers generous maternity leave. Others would rather give them higher pay and less maternity leave. Different strokes for different folks!

    Freedom of choice is a GOOD think people!

    • Good job, sounds like a great intro for a COMS 100 persuasive speech, thumbs up

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    • It also depends on what benefits people go for to, a person knowing they are going to have kids should seek jobs that have a better maternity leave policy, of course, it might result in lower pay, but what is a worker willing to give up? can't have your cake and eat it too, plus cake is bad for pregnancy, should eat healthier.

    • Ha! Yeah, that's exactly right. Some people prefer cholocate and some people prefer vanilla. That's why it's good to have different companies that provide different things for different tastes. One big problem we have today (in my view) is that you have a bunch of "student council busybody types" that run around essentially saying stupid crap like "I like vanilla! Therefore ALL ice cream should be vanilla!" rather than leaving people to work out what's best for them.

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  • I think maternity leave is necessary. I also enjoy the fact that men can have paternal time off.

    It doesn't really surprise me that this is how he feels, to be honest. I never watch fox news, but I found this one clip of him being confronted, I thought it was amusing :P link

  • I think that during the last months of pregnancy and a few months after giving birth, yes we should get a paid leave.

    If it's longer I think companies shouldn't have to pay. But a few months before and after birth are actually nesesscary. Working until the very end would in most cases be very unhealthy and going back the very next week would be extremley hard.I've never been pregnant but I heard you feel ridicoulously tired and weak for a couple of weeks after that

    • companies in the US are not obligated to pay any maternity leave. Good luck finding one that does.

    • they are not? I actually though they were for a couple of months, but ya what company would offer that then

    • some companies can't afford it, others can, its the luck of the draw too, whatever it is, something needs to be done to make it more efficient

  • I think women should have that leave of absence for the things that occur after having a baby. Not only the healing process, but also the bonding and adJusting.

    • not to mention, babies that are rarely around their mothers at birth grow up with emotional issues or turn out to be serial killers, idk, I'm just regurgitating what I think I heard about the stats.

  • I don't even listen to shows like that. But I did read about a lawyer who was trying a case while she was 8 months pregnant and went back to work 2 weeks after she gave birth. That to me is crazy. My Aunt had a baby a couple years ago and she took 3 or 4 months off before she went back to work which I think is how it should be if you intend to go back to work. When my Mom had me and my sister she took a few months off.

    • Some women just pop out babies like...like...poof, all done. Others have C sections, others die of complications, and others go through 8 hours of labor. Some people will have 5 kids because its easy for them. Other moms have only one baby because they could die if they give birth to another, like my aunt for instance.

  • i actually really like listening to Mike Gallagher. loved his segment on his estate sale... hilarious man :p despite that... I definitely think women deserve paid leave of absence too...

    • What about Michael Savage? Now that's some quality talk show too, I love how callers get bashed and then they get hung up on

      Savage: "What you mean about the budget deficit?"

      Caller: Well, hmm, ah, because, ah

      Savage: "Ah, who, huh, what ah, hmm, huh, hum"

      Savage: (Hangs up)

      Savage: "I'm sick of all these callers calling in and don't know what they are talking about"

      Me: (Laughing)

    • i love the savage nation :D

  • Ah, this must be a Fox News talk host; Its very fair and bigoted...er, I mean, balanced.

    Most women can physically return to work after 6 weeks, but it is at least 3 months of recovery after a C-section.

    Nevertheless; Its the infants who really need the maternity leave. And you will be hard-pressed to find a daycare that takes infants under 3 months old.

    Labor laws in CA only protect women's job for 3 months of maternity leave. If the woman is gone for more than 3 months she can be fired. I think US gov disability covers 6-12 weeks of paid maternity leave under certain criteria, but there is no mandate on that.


    this link shows how the US compares to all of the other countries in the world. I'm not sure why people here keep saying the US is anywhere near becoming a socialist government...

    • wow I didn't know we were that bad

    • AM talk show, apparently MG was just "pulling legs" and joking and another media company took his statement "It's a racket for women to get three months off" too seriously and over exaggerated it and twisted it around or some shyt, I don't know, I'm basing it off what callers say and what he said

  • I'm moving to sweden where you get a year off and often there is paternity leave as well. Cool huh?

  • Even for a long time after the pregnancy it takes a long time to recover. Men don't have a clue how hard it is on the body, they only focus on how unattractive it makes our bodies. Where I live the father or the mother can take the maternity leave and more and more men are staying home to look after the baby or other couples do half and half which they can also do. Where I come from it is also mine and the father's tax dollars and not the company that pays for it. We paid into it and now we are getting our money back.


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  • I honestly think they deserve a few months off then. I really don't know much about buisness or economics, but my guess would be that since men often make slightly more for the same job, women being a away from work for a while, while getting paid would even that out!?

  • I think that at first glance, maternity leave sounds like a wonderful, compassionate thing. But take a second look...

    Whose decision was it to have sex and become pregnant? Was the company involved? Did they have any say whatsoever? If they are going to be required to pay a benefit to someone who becomes pregnant, shouldn't they have some say in the matter? Or would that be too intrusive? None of their damn business, I bet most would say...

    So it's none of a woman's employer's damn business to have anything to do with her decision to become pregnant. Why then, if they have no rights in the matter, should they bear any responsibility?

    If you think you have the right to say that the company should be responsible for paying maternity leave, then perhaps you would also like to make the decision as to whose paycheck the money comes from. Of course, you would need to explain to all the other employees why they are to be compensated only $8.00 for $10.00 worth of work. Good luck with that one.

    No, corporations don't just have piles of money that came from nowhere laying around. They earn money, and from that amount of money, they pay out salaries to people who work for them. Every dollar that comes out of those earnings to pay maternity benefits to someone who is not working is a dollar that cannot be paid to compensate someone who is working. Those whose salaries are reduced in this way include not only men, who cannot become pregnant, but many women also who cannot or choose not to become pregnant. And, surprise! None of these people who are in fact paying for this maternity leave has any business becoming involved in a woman's decision to have sex and become pregnant, either. Certainly none of them enjoyed having sex with her! Does that sound fair to you?

    Alternatively, the money can come from you, the consumer, in the form of higher prices. Let's say you think maternity leave is a great idea. When you are in the store, comparing the prices of products, do you decide on the higher priced item when you know it is produced by a firm that provides maternity leave, or do you purchase the cheaper item, essentially supporting the company that does not provide this benefit?

    And where does this end? Are there any limits? A woman may choose to have one, or three, or five, or nine children. Is there some point at which it becomes unfair to require the company not only to hold a woman's job open, but to pay her for doing nothing for as many as 2 or 3 years altogether?

    The decision to have children is a deeply personal decision, with consequences that reach far beyond the initial few months. Even if the first few months of responsibility are handled by the employer, there are the next 18 YEARS to think about! If a person has made this decision without being prepared to handle all the responsibility it entails, then they and the children are in serious trouble.

    Personal rights and freedoms. Personal responsibility. Never separate the two.

    • I'm really no expert on this but maternaty leave is reality in most if not all industrialised countries and it seems to work well. I don't really understand why so many people refuse to let America become a little more socialist. We have expensive higher education, no proper health care system, no proper social security system. We are in the dark ages when it comes to those things compared to other countries.

      Also obviously they wouldn't have to pay the full wage for years

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    • a socialist government.

    • I don't think your ideas are crazy.. I believe health care and maternity leave, etc. are all worthy goals. But I believe you overlook the fact that government has no money of its own to give away- it has to steal money from some people, giving them nothing in return, in order to give money to other people. When this money comes from "the rich" or some other evil bogeyman, it's OK. When it comes out of your pocket, and it eventually will, the injustice of that will suddenly strike home, and hard.

  • Why should women get paid to not work just because they got knocked up? Companies only have so much money for payroll and every dollar that does to someone who ISN'T working is a dollar taken away from someone who is. If women want to pop out some kids that is their business, but to expect to get paid for it? That's just retarded.

    • Companies are not obligated to pay any maternity leave and the majority dont.

    • actually the US is the only country in the developed world that doesn't require companies to pay it

    • haha :-) I knew TheMisogynist would make an appearance

  • Maternity leave is a must in a developed nation.

    It is absolutely insane that maternity leave not be a universal given right. Although some special cases may not need it.

    • Are you prepared to pay for this out of your own pocket, or are you volunteering somebody else?

    • Course I am. Maternity leave is something that should be given to expecting mothers.

  • In some countries the wife and husband get paid leave

  • It's the choice of the woman to whether or not to have a child. I think the company can offer women alternative jobs while they are on leave of absence but to just give them money for not working is not very good for the company.

    • we're already dying out, I don't think we need new policies that encourage people to have even less children

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    • Actually, that depends on the position.

    • Maybe work at home projects, where they can relax with a tub of ice cream and answer phone calls "hey (taking a bite of ice cream) thank you for calling Consulting services, I'm pregnant...how can I help you?"

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