Girls: After a guy asks you for your number, how long after do you prefer he texts or calls you?

if he texts you right away is it weird, like does it seem he is desperate.or do you think it is better if he does it the next day or two days after?or does it even matter?


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  • I think that you should call, and not text. If she likes you, she will answer. If she likes you, but is not available, she will call you back. If you talk briefly, then you can establish how much texting is OK. You should call her the next day, casually. Texting may be easier at first, but it makes it harder to getting to a convo that leads to dinner! Plus, there are so many texters out there, its refreshing for a man to have some balls and call! We love hearing your voice! And, if she is not interested, she woun't get back with you. Call her!


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  • Calling is so much more fun than texting.. She will be glad you had the nerve to call her!

    Don't do it right away cause there is a chance she will think your desperate (altough I'm sick of all those games, I mean if you want to text/call her, why not?!) but the day after is fine :)

  • I rather receive a call/ text the next day. One guy text me like an hour (or less) after I gav him my # & he got on my nerves already! lol (turns out he was the clingy/ desperate type) so even if you arent, don't text or call her right away because she might think your gona be annoying.

  • Next day or day after. If he asks for my number while I'm out doing something, clearly I'm busy at that moment and don't have time to check my phone. If you do text right away, just do it saying, here is my number and have it be the only message. When a guy asks for my # when I'm out with friends, I'm usually trying to enjoy a night out with them and its rude to be on the phone texting all night.


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  • it depends if she likes you or not

    if she likes you then later that day if it happened in the morning

    if it happened at night wait till the next day

    but if she doesn't like you it's okay to call/text once BUT don't do it anymore than that!

    if you call/text her and you don't get a response, save your ego, pride, and dignity and move on.

    No she did forget about your text/call

    No she wasn't busy.

    She ignored it for a reason

    • Sorry for the harsh-ness but if she wants to be with you then she will also make the effort

    • If she doesn't answer right away it doesn't ALWAYS mean that she's not interested in him, she justs doesn't want to seem clingy/desperate, and/or maybe she is busy (but its mostly because she doesn't want to seem desperate). Now if she keeps on not responding THEN that most likely means she's not interested (this is the way most girls give the hint...)

  • don't go more than 2 days