How can I come back?

asked a girl on a date, and we kinda forced it after her work at nine. we hung out for 3 hours 2 and half of which were watch a crappy movie. I like her and she's super cute but I felt like I bored her for a first date. How can I get her to see me again especially since it won't be for so long (again because of work) and we haven't talked for a few days already? any ideas?


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  • You should definitely try a different approach, date wise. Set the next date somewhere where you both can have fun & be able to talk. A first date at the movies isn't good. There's no way to communicate, or feel each other out as to who they're about. I don't think having it been a few days will matter. As long as you show some type of interest, being the guy (and if she liked you), you'll be fine.


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