She asked me to take her to dinner.. Wait what?

First I'm not sure if its a date..

We were having a pretty personal conversation almost all day through text message.. And suddenly she asks..

"you should take me to dinner on.. Day. "

She asked if I could take her to dinner...

Basicly she asked if I could pay if we went.. But in a confusing way..

She says its because she's been roude to me when she didn't mean to.. that's why I'm not sure if its a date date.. Or a pity date

And I know she's broke but still she should have asked me out then asked to pay.. Right? Not juat telling me to take her out

Oh and I'm going anyway.. I still do like her..

But I'm wondering on how to take it.. She just asked in a strange way..


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  • I feel who ever does the asking should pay. If she is broke maybe she thought that was the only way to go out with you. Or maybe she was raised that the guy always pays. I would be worried if you always end up having to pay though. This definitely sounds like a date to me. If you were both paying for yourselves, then it would be harder to say if it were a date.


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  • How did she ask?

    • Technicly twice.. But I thought it was a joke the first time..

      We where talking about our eating habits at one point and she said I should take her to *tpye of food*

      So I joked back..

      Then suddenly near the end of the conversation while not talking about food.. *personal*

      She sent me a text..

      "You should take me to dinner Friday"

      It surprized me

  • I'm sorry to say, but honestly, it sounds like she's only using you to get a free dinner. I could be wrong, but a lot of women (NOT worth your time) do this. You'd be surprised at what a lot of women would do to get something they really want out a man, even if it's something small like a dinner or a pair of shoes they've been wanting. It's sad, but true.

    • And I'm talking from experience. I had a couple of friends I stopped associating with because of this. One of them pretended to like a guy for a couple of weeks just so she could get some Christian Louboutin heels.

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  • she's just building plausible deniability... If things go wrong, or turns out your not her type she can say it wasn't a date... If things go right or turns out you are her type she can later on say it was a date.

    As cliche as the advice is, don't treat it like either, just be who you are... Just be you (yeah I know I hate hearing that also but it's true)

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