From experience, when's the right age to start dating?

About me:

Hi, I'm 17 and I have yet to start dating or been asked out.

Kids younger than me on the school bus that look up to me as a high schooler were shocked that I haven't started yet. I've wanted a boyfriend since I was 13, and no guy ever has asked me out. I don't even get dates to school functions. I have now lowered my standards so much that I just want a nice guy that takes showers who's into me. I see other girls at school get guys like that *snaps fingers*. I have never had a date to a school function or been asked EVER. My parents assumed I was gay until they asked me. And my sister just assumed I had a secret boyfriend and never told anyone. My dad says "all the boy will be checking you out" whenever I get my hair done. I can't just tell my my dad that I'm invisible to guys at school and by standards there I'm not considered "pretty". I just nod and smile.

Even the slutty girls get boyfriends and the girls who don't bathe get guys. People tell me that I'm smart , funny and sweet. I made a virginity pledge 4 years ago and I've stayed a virgin anyway because I haven't even kissed yet . I haven't proved that I can resist temptation because I haven't been tempted. So it's not official. I cry and get sad sometimes because I don't wanna be alone anymore, I'm tired of it, I wanna be loved. I wish boys liked me . I'm inexperienced in dating so as an adult if a guy ever asks me out, I won't have any experience .

I'm just worried if I'm too late or worrying way too early.


How old are you?

What age did you start dating?

Any regrets for that age?

Advice for me?

Other Teens, do you think I'm way behind ?

Adults, do you think I'm way behind?


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  • I'm seventeen, eighteen in a week.

    I started dating when I was seventeen - beginning of senior year.

    Nope, none at all. I think people start dating for the wrong reasons when they're younger, I feel like I've missed out on a lot of stupid drama and heartache.

    I didn't get my first kiss until I was seventeen. I also used to cry about being lonely, thought I was unattractive. Really I was just labeled as unapproachable. I'm shy, and had low confidence, which guys mistake for bitchiness. Uhm, it's going to sound bad but I really didn't start getting attention from guys until I started partying. I let my guard down after a couple of drinks enough to hold a conversation with a boy I didn't know, and sooner than later I was getting attention from guys I would never think to talk to. Not negative attention, mind you- being asked on dates and I had random classmates flirting with me and asking for my number. That being said, I'm not reccomending that you should start going to parties - you just have to be confident.

    And make an effort to get to know guys, you can't expect them to make the first move all the time.

    • Thanks, I needed to hear that. Also, I'm not a party girl anyway lol

    • Haha I'm not either, not even close. I think I went to four parties in my entire life, all of them being senior parties for grad. But good luck (:

    • Lol Well, thank ya very kindly :)

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  • After HS, focus on your studies while you have a chance.

  • Never. Sew your vagina shut and read from your bible you heathen... 'bout 14 is a nice age, 14, 15


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  • How old are you? - 19.

    What age did you start dating? - The day before I turned 14.

    Any regrets for that age? - No, because either way, I learned from it. I probably would've made the same mistakes regardless of age because I was inexperienced.

    Don't worry about it too much. There are plenty of girls your age & older who don't have experience. If you really want to start, just go out & start looking for boys. It shouldn't be too hard. Do you have friends? Hang out with them more, & you'll probably meet some guys that interest you. You just need confidence. Don't put yourself down, that's a turn off. & yes, your virginity pledge is official, regardless of if you've been tempted. Don't cry. :[ & no, I don't think you're way behind. You've got to get experienced sometime. If you do find a guy, just tell him you've never had a boyfriend, he'll probably understand. :]

    • Do guys get creeped out if unattractive girls are interested in them?

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    • Thanks, I'll try to be more confident. I'm still just a little traumatized from being bullied in middle school haha

    • aww :[ Don't feel bad, I was bullied too.

  • How old are you? - I'll be 19 on the 29th

    What age did you start dating? - Just last year lol when I went to college

    Any regrets for that age? - No, I don't think that I miss out on anything when I wasn't dating

    Advice for me? - There is someone out there for you. Don't look for love, let it come to you.

    Other Teens, do you think I'm way behind ? - You aren't way behind.

    • A good age for you to start dating? : whenever you go on your first date. There isn't really a good age.

  • I think that whenever you feel comfortable and that you can handle the stresses, pressures, and time commitment that being in a relationship is, I personally think it is better to start latter than earlier, but don't wait too late, I would say you should try and go on a couple of dates before college.

    • I'm going to college next fall... I'm a high school senior.

    • Now is a good as time as any, as long as it won't take away from other important things in life.

    • Okay then.

  • I think 16 is a good age to start. Doesn't have to though. I let my son start at 16, but he could group date at 15.

    You are not behind at all. Don't worry about it.

  • around 14ish grade 7 or 8 going to high school . :p

    • I'm about to graduate and I haven't started yet... So I guess I'm too late.

    • ..well your not to late lol you can obviously start dating now and heey.. you aved yourelf a lot of heartbreak! :p

    • haha thanks :)

  • Not until your a senior in high school

  • i am 19. I was 16 when I start dating. I don't really regret it happening because then I wouldn't have learned everything I did from it. My advice for you would be to take caution in a relationship. high school boys are trouble, its bullcrap .. to be honest. They will tell you anything to get in your pants.(most high school relationships are crap). you're not way behind in anything. start dating at like 20.

    • Will it be awkward with a man if I'm 20 and never kissed or dated?

    • nope

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