Am 'I' the rebound girl?

A man that I met and dated twice, whom I've completely fallen for since, I told to go out and get through his new divorce. I didn't want to be the rebound girl. But all the while, we talked, texted (not in depth, more like flirting and keeping in touch). It was obvious we liked each other. But he was looking for sex, which I didn't give him, and started dating someone else 7 months after his divorce. Which is who 'could' be his R-girl. We remained speaking for the past 7 months of it but now he won't speak to me. He blocked me and I am sure it is because of her. Otherwise we'd still be talking. Nothing happened or was said to initiate it. It came randomly. He has dated and slept with others in there too. QUESTION: Was I his rebound girl, as much as I was trying not to be? Just by being 'sort of' there stroking his ego as I put it now? This is SO who I DIDN'T want to be. Or is the R- girl one who is in an actual 'dating' situation?


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  • The thing about break ups is that there's not always a rebound. A person could be completely done with the relationship but still not want to date because they're enjoying the freedom of being single especially after a marriage. As for if you were suppose to be the rebound or if she is, you can't really tell unless you're inside his head. Some people don't need a rebound to get over things, you never know what type of person he is and how he handles breakups. It does however sound like he was looking for comfort and someone to just get his mind off everything when he wanted to hook up with you. I think if this guy didn't want to jump into a relationship with you and chose someone else then he isn't worth your time or trying to figure out what his intentions were. It sounds like he wanted to use you for sex and I'm glad that you didn't give into it when you wanted more but just leave it be and find someone who deserves you and will make you their first choice. If this guy blocked you because of his ex then trying to communicate with him will just put you in more drama which isn't needed. I know its easier said than done when it comes to getting over someone, but just focus on yourself and go out and have fun. Join new clubs, go new places, meet new people. You'll find someone I'm sure.

    • Thank you. Actually, I was trying very hard for the first 10 days to have absolutely no contact. I'd been reading up on it and wanted to resist the urge. I did casually, light heartedly ask him if I had accidentally unfriended him and took the blame myself, looking for any kind of answer, to which he blocked me without a response. Considering his choices were to leave it alone reply or do what he did (block), it was pretty harsh considering just a week earlier he was commenting on my wall.

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    • Sorry, wasn't finished... I just want answers at this point. I've aLWAYS said, Guys don't give us girls credit. We can handle the truth SOOOO much better than a lie or no explanation. It leaves so much grey area, a playgound of questions that we are forced to figure out the answers. Rather than just telling it straight. You cannot argue someone's truth.

    • When a guy leaves without an explanation its because he's a scared coward. He knows that he's wrong but he can't face you himself. So he does the immature thing and completely drops you from his life. Its stupid and beyond immature because it leaves the other person without closure. But that just shows that he's definitely not the right guy for you and that he didn't deserve your time and energy in the first place.