Should I stick around or walk away?

I've been friends with a guy for a while through mutual friends, we got along great had fun and until recently I have been indifferent with whatever it is that is going on. Lately, we have been texting more on the weekends, winding up in the same places and going home together. I like him and am not interested in being a fling but am starting to feel that way because we only talk if I contact him . His friends tell me he likes me and we should date but he hasn't asked me out. I'm starting to care more and am scared that I am getting played. I think I really like him but my patience is wearing thin, should I try asking him out or leave the next step for him? My confusion and feelings are affecting my ability to be normal with or around him and I would really hate to ruin whatever this is, if its anything. Is this just a disaster in making or am I overreacting?


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  • Have you actually asked him what's going on and what his feelings are you? You can't play mind reader, you need to ask him where you stand especially if you feel like things are starting to get serious. If he says that he likes you then tell him what you want out of it. Definitely don't rush things but letting him know that you want a little more communication on his part and head towards a commitment is a good thing to do as well as its fair to you.

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