Should I text him first?

I met this guy whom I might like some time ago and then we lost contact for a week or so until he finally called me. We started talking again. But suddenly he's gone and we Haven't talked since. He's not online, his Facebook is missing (I'm not blocked I tried searching using my other account), and he neither text or call me. Should I contact him?

PS. when we started talking again last week , he asked me out, but I couldn't cause I've been busy. So I told him I might be able to go out next Friday (which is this Friday). And now that he's missing I wonder if he still wants to see me? And what should I text him?


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  • A simple how you been text is good to get the ball rolling. Make it playful and fun!


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  • just send a simple text like how are ya or what are you doin


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  • Yea I think you should at least text him and see how he's doing. You got nothing to lose so take the risk.