How can I close the deal?

I have been trying to go out with this girl for a while but she just lost a child and still sees her ex-boyfriend occasionally. How do I close the deal and get her to go on a date with me?


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  • Be by her side!

    Always be there when she needs you. Show her how much you care about her!

    Let her feel that you are there always. But be smart too, make her miss you sometimes as she is still seeing her ex-boyfriend I am afraid it might be a bit....

    But whenever she need someone for her, be the first one!




What Guys Said 1

  • I imagine the furthest thing from her mind is "dating for romance". If I were you I try to be her friend first. Be good company for her and try to be a good listener. Tell her you like her, but you realize that she probably just needs a friend more than anything right now, and you'd like to be there for her. Listen to her though, it's imperative that you be selfless now for her. If you help her through her emotional trauma, she'll let you know when she is ready for something more.

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