What is the best date that you have ever been on?

Question says it all, mine was cycling down to the beach to have a roast dinner and then going kyaking and making sand castles till it was getting dark, then having a bbq. It was a long date but I loved every minute of it.


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  • My girlfriend & I took the day off last fall when the trees had reached their color peak and drove down the St. Croix river. Our goal was simple, stop at whatever one of us thought was interesting and then turn around at 1pm and head back up on the opposite side of the river.

    We got some bomb coffee in the AM and stopped and snapped some pics at the scenery.

    Eventually I spotted a sign that said apple orchard & winery and we turned there. It took about 15mins down a dirt road till we found the place. Did a 30min wine tasting (amazing), bought some wine and a few apples. We stopped at a few more scenery spots then settled at a Nelson's cheese for a late late lunch. I got a smoked chicken sandwich that was beyond great. After that we bought some cheese curds for home later and some $1 ice cream cones.

    The way back was a faster pace as the light was going down.

    That night I made her wild rice & sausage stuff Cornish game hens I had prepared the night before.

    Yeah... I'm an awesome boyfriend ;)


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  • Miine was just a coffee date, but it was the best date because we had a really good conversation and chemistry

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