Why doesn't he text me?

long story short, there's this guy I used to be best friends with for three years and then we dated for a very short period of time (like 3 months), but the relationship wasn't mutually satisfying so we wanted to go back to being friends. He said he would give me time to get over him (he got a new girlfriend whereas I didn't feel like going into a new relationship). I agreed. After three months, he friends me on Facebook again and calls me and we talk for a while and catch up on things. It seemed good... except after the day we caught up, we've only had two short conversations. He seemed like he wanted to be friends again, which is why I'm confused. The first time I texted him first and we talked briefly, and he ended it, and the second time he Facebook messaged me about joining some group but when I tried to start a conversation he didn't reply to the messages.

I know you guys are gonna say "he doesn't really wanna be friends again" but the thing is that we were BEST FRIENDS. like we were there for each other through everything, and we were super close. so it doesn't make sense that he wants this quasi-friendship instead of what we had before... does it?


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  • Well then, maybe that's the reason. You're the girl who he got with when things went bad with her. Maybe spending time with you reminds him of that time. But it's just an educated guess.

    • that's a really good thought. I didn't even think of that.

      but then, I feel like he should still feel caring towards me because of how I helped him through it? I care a lot about him as a person and I guess I assumed he does too

  • Maybe a deep and close friendship will bring up those feelings again and he wants to avoid that. Maybe

    • yeah but he's engaged now. in all reality, we got together because his girlfriend cheated on him and he was feeling lonely and I comforted him. but then they made up and now he's engaged so I'm pretty sure he doesn't have feelings for me anymore since he's that official with her

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