He's usually always online, is he dating someone?

This guy I really, really like :/

he's usually always online.. or at least most of the time and now he's never online! and when he is it's just from his phone :(

We used to chat a lot before and stuff and now of course we can't

you think he's going out more so he's never home therefore he's dating someone? I know it sounds obsessive or stalker-ish but it was kinda driving me mad..


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  • OMFG. Smash your keyboard with a hammer. Get out of the internet. Go outside. F***!

    • hahahah ! I would but I own a bloody laptop! :o

      no no I go out evry single day xD but apparently it's not enough?

    • You are obsessing over online activity, rather than asking him yourself.

    • how the hell could I ask him what's up if he's never online anymore?

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  • maybe he's just busy

  • he could be or just accidently stays logged on