That 7 year on and off thing.. he ended it. but won't tell me what to do with his..

towel. lol I know.sounds stupid. but I'm not one for throwing anothers belongings out. I've asked him time and time again what he wants to do, come pick it up, me drop it off.what have you. Nothing! Not one reply. Yet, once I texted him telling him how I started saving for a trip for us and that I guess I will have to cancel all thoughts of that now (I know.bad move on my part.why even show I care so much.right? right). He then texted back saying, well I guess you'll just have to go with whoever you're dating then. As if I were the one to change my status and what I'm looking for (on internet sites) first.It was him. He texted me saying it's over and that we are done and should both be happy. Fine. But then why get mad that I've also changed my status. I understand there are things I need to work on, my insecurities, jealousy and so on. I'm doing just that. But I don't see how any of this is fair. Why can he reply to immaturity, yet not on what to do with his stupid towel? What are your thoughts.mostly guys but I'm directing this question to anyone and everyone!


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  • Okay you're old enough to drink so I'm gonna give it to you STRAIGHT NO CHASER!

    1. He is over you and doesn't care anymore about you.

    2. He doesn't care about a trip, he damn sure doesn't care about a towel. It's time to move on and you need to gather up your feelings put them in a little box and throw away the key.

    3. He doesn't care about your status on internet sites and he is not mad about that. He is pissed that you keep trying to manipulate him.

    4. Stop going on his Myspace page, stop going on his Facebook, and for God's sake, stop sending the guy Text Messages, IM's or any other method you use to contact him. You are embarrassing yourself.

    5. Since you already know your issues: insecurity, jealously, manipulative behavior you should take the time to work on yourself to move past this so that you don't bring it into another relationship. There are lots of great guys out there but you don't want to make the same mistakes that you did with this one.

    If you don't want to be known as a 'stalker' or 'crazy ex-girlfriend' you should deal with your issues. You are having problems letting go and it is understandable after 7 years on and off. I've been in the same situation myself but I was the dumper. The dumpee never wanted to let it go. Finally he was transferred (by employer)clear accross the country, but still manages to show up in my area. Getting text messages, letters and emails, contacting my family and friends, even using other peoples phones to contact me is annoying and stalker like. True enough you may love your guy, like my dumee loved me but if it's over, it's over.

    What you should do is meet some new guys just to date, don't look for a replacement for him but try to have fun. Don't go out to make him jealous, but make some real attempts to move on with your life. You are young enough to get past this, OH AND THROW AWAY THE TOWEL, he didn't leave it there so he can khave an excuse to come back and get it from you.



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  • It's over, so pack up all his stuff and drop it off to him. He won't make the decision so you must. It appears that you are leaving him an opening to return and perhaps start over again. If that's what you want, then hang onto the stuff and lament the old relationship. If you want to start anew, then you need to clean out the closet.

  • Wash it and put it on the shelf with the others. . .

    . . .it's a towel. . .

    • Yea..i would. only..everytime I see it, I think of him. why would I want to do that to myself.

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