Girls, would you rather guy call or text to set up a date?

I've know this girl for awhile and we got great chemistry.i asked her out once before on MySpace but got rejected cause she had a boyfriend. asked her just last week on face book but she couldn't but she said this weekend for sure.

ive never called her I usaly text her, Facebook her, or talk in person. I don't necesseraly want to call it a date cause I just want to hang out with her cause she's such a cool girl. and if it turns into more then that's even better.

Im thinking about calling her right now but I'm really nervous. ihavent asked a girl out...ever. so girls what do you think of a guy who calls to set up a date as opposed to a guy to texts you.

but what would you think if a guy texted you to set up a date? and what would you think if he called?
Ok so I did end up calling her (almost passed out as the phone rang) and she's busy...again! now what? she was sending me all these signals and now I don't know


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  • I would prefer a guy to ask me out in person...after that I would prefer him to call...and then texting would be my last choice out of these three but I would be just fine with it if he texted. The only problem with texting, at least for me, is that it might give me too much time to think about it and when I give myself too much time to think about something I usually end up saying no.


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  • Call if you're asking out.

    Text if you already asked her out & are just giving her the details.

    • Call- he cares about the date & my input

      Text- he's too nervous, it was a passing thought, he doesn't care about my input, or it was an autotext he sends to other girls as well

    • Sounds like she's blowing you off.

      Does she really matter after all if she did date you she'd be cheating on her bf.

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  • I'm trying to chill with this girl right now also, like setting up a time and place to hang out. She hates talking on the phone so I just text her. Maybe the girl your talking to could be the same..