She's been sending me all these signals. Why am I so stupid?

I just finished calling this girl to see if she wanted to hang out and she was busy just like last week she's been sending me all these signals about wanting to chill and sh*t and now I just don't know. this is the third time I tried chillin with her AND first time I actually got the nuts to call her about it. now I'm stuck @#$%@$%


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  • First off, stop bringing yourself down and calling yourself stupid. You took a risk and went for it which is a lot more than a lot of guys would have done. I think you should ask her once more but this time leave it up to her to pick the day and time. You can't always expect someone to be free whenever you call.

    • This answer.

    • she said this weekend for sure. so I dontknow where I went wrong

    • You didn't go wrong, she just became busy. Tell her to pick a day for sure

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  • dude not sure why your so down is she said she would hangout on the weekend with you..

  • Well what you are doing wrong hear is asking her if she what to hang out. Next time you call her try asking her if she what to go out with you.Don,t put your self down because you are not dumb you just need to start ask girls out and not to hang out,with you.Try doing this and your going to find out girl won,t blow you off by tell that they are busy, if they are busy ask her what about next weekend.

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