Breaking awkward silence??

Ok, I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 months. We've been long distance the whole relationship(we met online) and now he's in the army. We talk everyday, well we try to. But since he's in the army, I run out of things to say; I'm not sure what to talk about. We stay on Yahoo/Skype for hour(s) talking but, I'm a quiet person, I'm not talkative. I've tried to talk more but yeah, it doesn't last long before my mind goes blank. He's very talkative which I like, but I know he doesn't like that I'm so quiet. He knows I'm trying but I know it annoys him sometimes. ---- Can Any One Help me! Give me advice, Give me questions to ask him, Whatever will help will be very appreciated... Thanks!


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  • You could try to write down things that you might want to tell him about or mention that come to mind when you are not talking. Sometimes I have the same problem, my mind will just blank when I talk to my girl, then right after we hang up I start to think of stuff to talk about lol. Ironic eh?


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