Who should call who?

ok so the guy I've been chatting with via text asked me randomly..so how come you never have called me...and I said that I didn't know he wanted me to..and I said how come you never called me..and he said well I didn't know that you wanted me to ...then the subject was completely dropped... so was he waiting for a phone call from me then or what? he never called me btw!


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  • First of all, if he has any sense of chivalry he should know the man should make the first move, I'm not being sexually biast or anything but I'm saying you did nothing wrong, it's actually really weird of him to ask you this in the first place.

    • so I shouldn't make the attempt to call him then? why do you think he said this? why was it weird

    • Personally I don't mind if the girl calls, it shows reassurance to the guy that she is interested and should encourage him to be able to take the next step. I think he said this because he is used to girls calling him first not the other way around so he must've been surprised it didn't happen like all the other times; and it was weird because I never heard of a guy ever saying that to a girl.

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