How to plan a second date?

I met a nice young woman on okcupid recently. We hit it off in talking and even made it past a long period of email only because she she was really busy with something.

I suggested drinks in a bar and she agreed although she's not much of a drinker. she emailed me back a couple days later and suggested instead the local irish fair that weekend. I thought it fun and agreed. we met up Friday and stayed for a couple hours talking, eating, and listening to live music.

At the end of the date I asked for her phone number, so we could get together again. she told me she only likes to give it out after more dates. I told her that was fine and I'd write her back online.

so when and how should I plan a second date? Experience has lead me to believe that about 48 hours is good enough. Just send her an email asking if she'd like to go out again? maybe suggest an activity like bowling or something?


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  • Yeah two days is fine. For the second date, you want to do something fun so that YOU don't have to be the main source of entertainment (ie. Bowling, minigolf) or whatever you guys both enjoy. That way you don't have all the pressure of making it fun, and the "fun-ness" will be assured.

    P.S. OkCupid? Nicccccce that's one of the best


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