I really like this girl, I think I'm in love with her. I asked her out and she said she'd think about it. We were talking and she said that she needed to kiss me to know how she feels about me.

How should I kiss her?

One simple kiss?

Help, I'm really nervous


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  • If you want to kiss her:

    1) wait for the right moment

    2)move in slowly (she might just get impatient and close the distance)

    3)close the distance

    personally if she has to kiss you to figure out if she likes you she might just want to kiss you. Not sure because I don't know how old you are exactly. Girls from 12-14 are mostly shy and don't really know what they're doing 15-18 more likely to take liking someone and a relationship more seriously (i'm just genralizing here) Also, it depends on her experience she might just have had crushes and would like to figure out if its just a crush or something more.


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  • Be serious, look at her like you are memorizing her face. Cradle her head in your hands, fingers behind her neck and lean in for the kiss. Put everything you feel into it that kiss. But - no sloppy tonguing please.

  • Put your hand on her cheek, and gently pull her face to yours. It has to be a good moment or she won't like it. The best kiss is when your mind goes blank and you're just there with the person you love.


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