Texting me all the time

Would a guy text you day and evening for 2 months straight if he wasn't interested in you? What would be his motive for continuously texting if he wasn't interested in me?


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  • based off my personal experience I would never waste my time texting a girl If I wasn't interested in her. For me texting is super boring unless I need a bit of information, I want to hang out with someone, or If its with a girl I like,

    Keep in mind that guys have guy friends. And although its nice having friendships with girls, guys are gonna be more inclined to talk with their guy friends, I almost never talk with the girls I'm friends with, But when its a girl I like, I'd do almost anything to stay in touch with her whenever I can


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  • Well, I don't know actually. I text and call my best friend, who is a guy, on a daily basis. He also calls and texts me. We also see each other ALL THE TIME. Maybe you just a really great friend. Somebody to talk to. I was thinking that he texts like all the time, no stops in between texts type thing.

    If he texts like a few times a day, I don't think that's weird at all.

  • It seems like he is interested in you. But doesn't it seem like it's a little crazy?

    • it definitely does seem a little crazy! if he wasn't interested in me I would definitely like to know why he would text for 2 months straight! and I mean like texting every single day!