Never been kissed

I am 16, pretty, and outgoing...except when it comes to boys. I've never been kissed, and can't flirt to ave my life. Even worse I've had a crush on the same guy forever, and while we are friwnds he just doesn't gwt it. Even worse, my friends boyfriend, is someone who I've alwYs liked, and I secretly would be OK if they ended...which makes me feel like an awful friend and person, when all I want ia to be a good person. Help?


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  • Well your definitely not alone, plenty of people haven't been kissed at 16, it's no big deal, it'll happen when it happens.

    As for flirting, you just need to practice. Flirting with strangers you meet in passing is a great way to gain confidence. Just smile at people you pass, wink at a cute cashier if he gives you a smile, etc, and when your with guys you know compliment them, tease them and hug them for just a little bit longer than necessary.

    Having a crush on a friend... yeah that sucks, I'm in the same boat but so are a lot of people. I found this advice helpful link and if you search this site you'll find plenty of more information.

    Lastly, as for liking your friends boyfriend. Again, it's normal. You can't help who you like and it's not surprising you and your friend like the same things. But there is a big difference between feeling something and acting on those feelings.

    Your not a bad friend for liking a friends guy (so stop feeling guilty about it - you can't help it) but you would be a bad friend if you tried to break them up or lead him on.

    • Thanks:) very hrlpful

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  • I have never kissed a girl and I am 16...hmmm I don't think I have held a girls hand either, must be doing better than me...

    • No I haven't held hands either. Ur fine:)

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    • I will get to shore then rescue you!

    • Awwww

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  • don't feel bad- I'm exactly the same, except my best friend keeps taking all the guys I like

    • Thats so mean:( hav,u,tried talkimg to her Bout it

    • lol nah she's the type to take offence. she's extremely manipulative.

    • Im very sorry