How far does a guy go to impress a girl when hanging out for the first time, or are some guys just naturals?

i hung out with my co-worker a couple days ago...he hit me up on Fb and after 1hr chat and asking what my plans for the weekend were and my initiating of "being bored and not knowing what to do that night" he asked if I wanted to come over for a beer...i don't really like beer so he said "well we can just chill" was fun even though we basically used the TV for a little entertainment but also got to talking a little bit more...he was very cautious on making sure I wasn't thirsty, offered me drinks, food, and I guess since the AC got a litle cold brought me a sweater because he was cold and automatically thought I was too...he had to work early the next morning so once he mentioned he was tired I got up to leave but he wanted to make sure I knew my way out, so he walked me back to my car and after talking for a little while longer initiated a hug (i'm not a big hugger unless it's someone I'm very close to or my boyfriend I'm actually awkward ) but I just went along with it and then it was some type of a awkward time of him telling me he had fun hanging out and thanking me for spending time with him and me doing the same thing. I'm not sure if that's normal but I am curious as to what I should think of us having hung out. He's a very sweet all means doesn't come off as the shy guy at work but I'm not sure how to take the hanging out. We weren't awkward at all it was just the good bye part that was a bit "unpracticed" what do you think that means? After this one time hanging out he seems like a guy that is very much attentive and that's not something I am used to seeing when I hang out wirh guys. Are some guys just very good hosts or whena guy has a girl over and tries to make all different gestures without being awkward of showing he's "careing" he somehow hoping he's "impressing" her. I have guy friends, some I've known for years, but I never hugged them and they definitely never pampered me or made sure I was feeling like a guest of honor.

We worked together on a project the week before almost all week and one day we just talked the whole time...about all types of stuff and even the subject of dating and what we looked for , mainly disgussing the topic because someone else had brought it up and I was just stating my opinion on how going on dates is not work getting dolled up and that a date shouldn't be the first time to meet...i wonder if that was any relation but all I know is that I am not used to being treated so special when we barely know each other at all.. I'm assuming some guys just were brought up to hug when you say bye, I just have a typical translation of blocking any act of kindness when it's a bit too sudden and doesn't come with an explanation but wanted to get info or inputs on how far a guy will go and only mean to me a "friend" or is the only thing stopping him from saying bye to you is continueing the conversation and then finally hugging you because you are running out of things to say without draging convo.


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  • Sounds like he was just raised with very polite manners and to treat a woman like a princess. And he's doing his best to show you that he's a gentleman. Although I can see how his gestures of kindness caught you off guard.

    Hugs for a lot of people mean different things. I'm the same way I don't usually go around hugging people unless I haven't seen them in a while or they're my significant, or the situation just warrants a hug lol.

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