Biggest turnoffs for guys?

I need to know what would turn a guy off from asking a girl to be his girlfriend. I've been dating this guy for a while and I really want to be with him, so what should I do so I don't lose him? He seems to really like me, but somehow things always end after a few months :( Really need your help guys! He could be the one!


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  • Smoking, drugs, excessive drinking, makes little to no effort to show she's interested, golddigger, unwilling to try new things in and out of the bedroom.

    Any of those things are deal breakers, call me shallow, shoot me, hate me, whatever, I know what I want.

    • Ok - I think I'm OK with that stuff - but some guys seem to get turned off when I show I'm too interested so I'm trying to play it cool and let him do some of the hunting... that's what they say to do so I'm confused!

    • It can be hard to find the happy medium between showing you're interested and being cliny since all guys are different.

      You need to throw him a bone every so often, if you and he haven't spoken in a few days send him a text asking him what's going on, propose plans from time to time.

      Eventually you and he will get where you meed to be.

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  • Your best bet is be yourself, be genuine, don't try to hard to impress him, but be flirty towards him, tell him how he makes you feel when around him, your talents will do the dog work, let him fall for you when he is ready, the chances are, that if he already shows you he is into you, then he probably will be for a while as long as you don't try to change him to much and you don't change a lot either, you got talent he won't not notice this, just be loyal and genuine,x

  • I know several turnoffs but age difference would be the biggest one for me.

  • Just ask him out.


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