Online friends and dating?

here is the situation:

I've known a guy for 8 years online, we've met up a couple of times and I really love him, but we are still just really good friends. me and him have talked about taking it to the next level, but he just hasn't yet. but recently I've been talking to another guy and I feel like things may be getting serious between me and him also, maybe even more so than the first guy. I have known the second guy for a few months and we've connected really well recently and he seems really dreamy.

Is it wrong to the first guy, who I care for deeply and trust immensely, to remain friends only, and to pursue a relationship with the second guy?

I don't want the first guy to think I pushed him to the side, but he never made a move when the ball was in his court.


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  • you probably just lusting for the guy. It seem like you and the first guy have a really good connection. I would just follow you heart and gut most of the time they're never wrong.

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