The boy I like talks way more to me on MSN instead of real life chatting.Also when he sees me he looks away?

I have liked him for a long time now. Previous to this, he was quite the A**hole to me, and acted meanly. Ever since I've talked to him more and such, he's been nicer, but still doesn't talk much at work. How come? We also have a date planned in about a week, but he doesn't know the exact day we ca go yet. Do you think he would back down on the date? He also let me choose where we can go/do.

Mike also told me that he can sometimes be an a**, but inside all he likes to do is cuddle and have fun.

What should I think about this situation?

Please any answers will help

Does he like me or playing me o just being nice?


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  • Talking on MSN, texting or 'facebooking' is so much easier than talking to someone in person because you don't have to worry so much about the dreaded awkward silence. That's probably why he talks more on MSN than in real life.

    He looks away when you look at him 'cause he's shy. He also may remember something he said on MSN that maybe he usually wouldn't say in person.

    I think he's trying to make the date seem really casual.almost too casual so you think he isn't too interested in you, when in fact he really is. He's playing it cool.

    I'd say he likes you but is shy. Good luck on your date! :)


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  • From what I can tell he seems like he might be a little shy when it comes to girls. He talks to you more online because online you don't get those awkward silences and he might be scared that in person he will mess up something and then he can't just backspace to correct it. Its scary for a guy to talk to a girl in person at first because we want to impress them and not mess up. From the sounds of it he seems to be pretty honest with you because he admitted to you he can be an a hole which is a big step for a guy to say.

    Also because he left the planning of the date up to you make sure its not too outrageous. Try to keep it kinda down to earth. Try a movie or something because he said he likes to cuddle and have fun. Go to the movie so that way you guys can kinda cuddle up next to each other and then do something kinda fun.

    Good luck and I hope things work out well between the two of you.

  • Shy guys always look away, they also prefer non face to face contact and they also find it a lot easier to be mean than to be sweet or nice. The latter makes them feel uncomfortable. Shyness is masked usually by acting mean or cruel.

    Give him a go in real life, you don't want a relationship based around msn. Good luck! :)


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  • I think you should see how he is really in real life, I don't like getting to know people behind a facade ie. MSN and if he was an a-hole to you before, you should be even more careful to get to know the guy. It sounds like he likes you, there are guys who are like that; they're a-holes to those they don't like but are really sweet to the one they do, so I would probably try getting to know him more, could try hanging out with him

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