A guy told me I'm the longest kiss he's ever had....?

Does this mean anything special?

We kissed once with not tongue and it was like his lips were a magnet to mine! We stayed like that for like 15 to 20 seconds with no tongue at all! :O Then pulled away, but he just kept coming back for more! :D He kissed me again and again and again omg I love/want/gotta have it! Our kisses were just naturally long as hell. I'm noticing longer than the average kisses I see other people share. He said "I love the way you kiss" then a few minutes later "That's the longest kiss I've ever had" with a smile.

Could that mean something special if you naturally have long ass kisses with someone and never want to pull away from their mouth?! :D


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  • hmm I would think it would be strange to kiss with no tongue for that long. I'd feel like I was in some 40's movie, like it wasn't a real kiss. Did it feel weird?

    • lmao! no, it was totally natural. It's like we just loved kissing each other and being in that moment so we wanted to make it last as long as we could :) I didn't even realize how long the kiss was until I looked back on it! then we would come up for air and he'd give me pecks all over my face and we'd be back at it again! it was very natural, like second nature

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  • Sounds like lust which is normal.

    • No, it wasn't just simple lust. We've known each other for months and he shaved the first letter of my name into his head :)

    • ok then I Just that's love or whipped. take a pick.

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  • it means if you ever got into a car accident in which your vehicle landed in some river, you would be able to hold your breath the longest. hip hip hooray!


    • lol!

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    • I meant to give you a thumbs up, but I accidentally clicked on the wrong button

    • no problem :P

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