Does anyone else feel that kissing causes weird changes in how you perceive someone?

so there's this guy who currently is my boyfriend. before we dated, I started falling for him--not because of how he looks--but because he was, straight down, the nicest and sweetest guy I had ever met. in fact, if I had to rate his looks, I'd say he's more on the ugly side. but that didn't stop me from feeling really attracted to him and wanting him. when we kissed for the first time, initially I was turned off to be so close to someone that I thought was ugly. but that feeling soon passed and ever since then, the things that I previously thought were UGLY about him, I'm finding are beautiful. for ex: his nose is really big, and I used to think that was really ugly, but now I'm in love with his nose and I love rubbing noses haha.

and I feel it was the kiss that changed my perception of how he looks. I know this is weird, but has anyone else felt this way?


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  • Yeah emotional and physical intimacy can make someone more attractive to you. BTW huge kudos for dating a guy based on his kindness and not his looks. You are a model to all women out there who are so hung up on the guy on the outside and not the guy on the inside. I wish more girls could be like you.

  • It makes sense. We tend to associate people and things that have given us pleasure with being better than they actually are. That's why people continue to smoke cigarettes despite the fact they taste and smell horrible, and why people drink liquor despite much of it tasting bad. Kissing him obviously gave you good feelings so you now think of him in a better light. Nothing weird about that.


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