Are we heading towards a breakup?

So, I've been dating this guy for about 2 months.

On the one hand, recently he's been hanging out with friends more (and me less), and stopped spending the night... and I'll sometimes go for a day without getting a text from him (he used to text at least once a day when I didn't see him)

Also, he doesn't really act as if he finds me as attractive anymore :<

On the other hand, just a few days ago, he bought me candy and brought it over because I said I was feeling down, and talked about wanting to make dinner for my roommates so they'd like him, 'cause, according to him: "I'm going to be around a lot". (all this fairly recently)

Is this just typical a relationship progressing, or is he on his way out?

(In the early stages of the relationship I was always available, so I'm fairly certian he's losing interst... :/ but I've never been in a relationship that wasn't long-distance, so IDK)


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  • NO! DON"T talk to him about this. Get yourself busy and less available to him. I know how much us women want to spend ALL of our free time with the man that has us hooked, but I am telling you if he IS losing interest the WORST thing you could do is talk to him about it. Trust me...please. Talk doesn't mean much to a man who is losing it for's your actions that are going to kick him in the pants. When he does text...take just a bit longer than usual to respond...hang out with YOUR gal friends more, and when he is around you be easy breezy and light. Make it fun for him to be around you again and not down in the dumps and worried about him leaving you. If he leaves you anyway, then it is what it is. Some people may think of this as "game playing", but sometimes you HAVE to get a psychological edge on a man in the beginning because we are made so so different from each other.

    I hope you take this advice to heart as I know it works...if he is losing interest in you and your relationship, you have to realize how much power you STILL have if you do it right. If you talk to him you could drive him further away and lose him for good.

    Sweet luck to you hun :)

    • One of the problems is that my best friend moved away about a month ago... I'm shy so I haven't really found someone locally to replace her, which may be part of the bigger problem. :<

      But, does withdrawing back just include not contacting him and not responding right away if he contacts me... or is it more?

      It's going on the second day of him not texting me. I haven't contacted him.

      The last time I did, he was all "I miss you too, my dear, and I'l talk to you soon." and he even used my pet name

    •'s certainly moe. It's an ATTITUDE that you must develop. When a man feels like he is responsible for your happiness, it makes him fell a whole lot of pressure, which usually drives them away. YOU be responsible for YOUR happiness. It's about letting this guy feel that you can do with or without him..either way you are great, and if you keep things light with him and on a fun tone..he will see it is better WITH you than without.

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  • I am sorry to break this to you ...but your man is certainly losing interest ... men know their priorities right and try to get what they want ...texting you once a day and sometimes not texting you at all a cause of concern ... men are cowards and won't tell you how they feel read: losing interest, breaking up, etc they usually make the situation difficult for us and finally we quit... don't make excuses for him anymore ...

    I guess you should talk to him abt how your feeling deserve the best sweetheart and don't settle for anything less...

    All the best

  • Sometimes guys back off a bit for a while, just because they do & not because of you. Best thing is not to chase them when they do it, he might just need some more boy time. Maybe let a guy tell you whether it's right to ask if there's something wrong & how to approach asking.

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