I have someone yet I almost kissed another guy, help!

Kayso I have a thing with this guy Hayden and I like him a lot and we have talked about dating and all that stuff and so I never really thought about other guys until yesterday this guy I work with Derek started flirting with me out of the blue always touching mr and hugging me playing with my hair holding my hand and he had coustumers but didn't see because he was with me and his friend came over and helped them and was like if you not gonna get anywhere with her go do you job and I didn't say anything and then he was like I got you cover to gobthe back where there is a couch and Derek took my hand and was like let's go but I was like no I don't want you to get fired but he kept trying to convince mr but I didn't go and then my shift was over so ibleft but he told me to come back and I did we just flirted then after work we took the same bus and he wanted to sit next to me but I was laying down so he grabbed my legs and put them on his lap and he liked to kidney shock me and he was trying and I was like no don't touch my sides and he was like what if I wanted to put my arm around you then he waiting at the train station with me and he was holding my hands ad putting his arms around me and hugging me and he kept getting really close like so our foreheads were touching and like picking me up and sitting me on the bus stop seat and like grabbing my chin to face himand I'm pretty sure he was trying to kiss me andnow I'm frustrated and confused because I'm wondering why he wa flirting with me and why I didn't tell him about Hayden like I was texting Hayden and he asked if I was with Hayden and I said no and I don't know anymore


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  • He was flirting with you because he is interested in you and you allowed him to. You shouldn't be talking about dating with Hayden if you're just going to let other guys flirt with you like that.

    • What was I suppose to say don't flirt I have a boyfriend, when I don't

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    • I usually am.

    • Lol

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