Am I getting into a rebound relationship?

Me and my ex broke up. I really miss him. I'm not ready to talk to him, but I just really miss him... I've got sick of the games.

A couple guys have been asking me out for over a year and since we broke up (last week) I just thought why fight them? My ex said "you could get a boyfriend in a heartbeat" and so I just kinda...said yes.

Am I getting involved in a rebound? Last thing I want to do is hurt anybody, but everyone tells me to date someone else, and after 2 years I've given up fighting. I'm just saying OK to everything. Should I control myself and stop this?

Oh, and another guy has been continually asking, got upset when he found out I'm going on a date, so I agreed to see him too... I've just given up fighting them. And I feel really numb...


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  • I'M NOT SURE WHY YOU SHOULD FEEL NUMB because of your break up with the exbf. it seems he gave you pretty much of a compliment by saying you could get a guy in a heart beat.

    meaning you must be pretty hot gal and with all the hits it must be true. in a rebound ,not if all your doing is just dating some guys at present. the only time it counts as being a true rebound is if you agree to be an item together (bf/gf) at present just stay in the dating mode you'll know when your ready to move on an enter a full relationship. take your time (who knows maybe the exbf will finally realize what he lost in you.) stay in this dating mode for say 6 months if need be st be careful of the type guys you do datedate various types of guys . believe me if your pretty and guys like you you'll be having to much fun to be down in the dumps. just be careful of the type guys you do date.

    • It's not quite like that...he knows people like me but he said "I trust that you haven't, but I do wonder if you've done things with these men". I don't believe I'm pretty, I have an awful self image, and those sorts of comments normally sail over my head.

      Of course I'll be careful, :) thank you very much.

      Also, I think I feel numb because he's not here. Maybe numb is the wrong word... empty?

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    • if he acts as though he cares that you might be doing something with these guys still sounds as though he cares . and if he cares (after you says he left and said he didn't love you ) however his statements seemed to say different.

    • I think he's trying to make me jealous.. he talks to these girls online and they have conversations like "no you're the sweetest!" but I think it's to wind me up.. he said to me when we broke up (Thursday) "I love you, you're so special to me and always will be but I can't be bothered with your fits" He's just hurt me and I'm uncontrollable just saying in my head "screw it, do what he says and date others!" But... it's only him.. has been for 4 years...

  • It sounds like you're still a bit emotionally unavailable. Just be sure to disclose that, then go enjoy the company of the guys who want to date you.

    • I am definitely unavailable... I don't really want to be in a relationship with anyone, I want to be alone, but I'm scared I'll be alone my whole life... so I'm just thinking oh well, and throw myself into it. I would like him back. By dating others, is that a good or bad thing?

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