Is a kiss on the hand just continental?

A few weeks ago my friend kissed my hand in kinda a joking manner. But since then every time we say goodbye he does it again. Is he flirting or just goofing around and referring to that night?


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  • At first it may have been, but what has his demeanor been like the past few times he's done it? Is he laughing when he does it? does he make eye contact? I personally love when guys do it to me (though it's always very obviously been romantic for me when it happens) It's so classy :)

    • not really laughing. but there is eye contact. when we've joked about it later he laughs and says "i bet you like it though."

    • hmm this is tricky.. it would be nice to get a guys perspective but what you have to remember is that guys are shy and insecure just as much as girls are... He may be trying to tell you something, but playing it off as a joke for fear of rejection.. maybe next time he says something like that you could smile and say something like "I do like it", and then leave it at that. If he stops doing it, he's probably not interested but if he does like you it'll pave the way for similar actions :)

  • I personally thought it is flirty. Every guy I dated kissed behind my hand. But I could be wrong.