Why is it that girls choose their boyfriends over their friends?

me and my friend are really close I used to like her and I'm doing the best I can to move on from her but anyway a few weeks ago she went away and met this guy and started dating him after knowing the dude for like 3 days and they have been dating ever sense then I said to her are we still hanging out and going to the movies then she said I don't know because my boyfriend is staying with me for a 11 to 13 days and I was mad when she told me that because we had plans and our plans were just tossed aside for her boyfriend who she just met I said to her well what about our plans and she said well he can come too and I said no because we plans to hang out just you and me and I don't want to sit around watching you guys kiss and do what ever right in front of me because you know I used to like you and all she said was I see then I said I don't wanna be a third wheel then she didn't talk to me for the rest of the night and this all happened last Friday she hasn't tex or called or talked to me sense Friday and I'm just wondering why do girls always put there boyfriends before there friends I've known her for 3 year sand she just met him this month he hasn't even known her for a month and she just blew me off some of my other friends who are girls as well every time I asked to hang out there always busy with there boyfriends so can you tell me why girls or guys why do some or most girls do this?


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  • Basically, she is forced to choose her boyfriend over you for a couple of reasons - one, no boyfriend will accept being second guy in a girl's life unless it is possibly to her father; two, she doesn't want to make you think that you're more important than her boyfriend because you have had feelings for her. She doesn't want to get your hopes up in that way if she doesn't like you in that way.

    • yeah and I know she doesn't at first around the time were we met she did wannted to be with me an di asked her out but she said I wanna wait awhille to see if I really have those feelings for you and I said sure take all the time you need and after 2 or 3 months she just said I love your my best friend and I felt kinda hurt because I wannted to be more then that and ever sense I kept tellling myself well mabe one day she will feel the same way but I do have to face reality

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    • Yeah, like I said, hope is always alive, especially if you really care that deeply for her. But live your own life, too - don't let the fact that she's with someone else dominate how you act. Be yourself and be happy with who you are, there's nothing more attractive than that.

    • i appreciate it

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  • Because she cares more about her new boyfriend than her friend duh. I don't blame her, you used to like her and that's even more of a reason to not hang out with you. It makes you seem like you are not over her. Get over her! Once I got a boyfriend I stopped talking to my guy friends out of respect. It wasn't that he asked me, it was my own decision. My boyfriend became my new best friend just like it should be.

    • Right on. I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly.

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    • She makes you feel happy because you expect her to. Find ways to make yourself happy and life will be better/easier.

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  • Maybe she's turned off by guys who don't punctuate?

  • That's just how it is as you get older, pretty soon they'll make friends with other couples and hang out doing couple things.

    • but still...

    • They're getting to know each other, give them their space, be willing to hang out with them together.

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