Me and my boyfriend hardly ever get to hang out? :(

okay, soooo... me and my 'boyfriend' have been "dating" for awhile, but we hardly ever do anything! like, go to the movies or something... all we ever really do is like text or talk on the phone... and it's because my dad doesn't want me to date yet! :P and it's like, helloooo? I'm FIFTEEN! :P and like, we try to get friends to come and pretend it's like a"hangout" but it's really so we can be together.. but, sometimes those friends cancel, so we're not even able to go! :'( ...any ideas on what to do?:( do you think he's going to break up with me...?:(


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  • Any guy that was seriously interested in a girl (for the girl) would not be put off by the fact that they could not see her because of her Dad being protective of her. So don't worry there.

    Have a mature talk with your Dad about you having a bit more independence. Explain how you want to do more activites with your boyfriend. As a father he will be bound to be worried, there are many guys who don't have the responsibility to treat a girl properly and respectfully (especially when they are young). What you need to do is give your Dad confidence that you will be sensible and that you can take care of yourself, and also show you are aware of the risk and responsibilities of life. For example, always let your Dad know when your making a "date" just the two of you, let him know honestly what you have planned. Try and respect his wishes if he has a good reason for not doing a particular activity. In this way hopefully you will make your Dad worry less and allow you to do a little more.

    Most people a 15 don't really know what they really want, they live for new experience rather than particularly looking for love (though I think we always seek). Keep things light, express how you feel and don't overcommit until you feel confident the other person is commiting to the same level. Its never easy.

    • thank you :) I will definitely try to do that.

    • :) yvw. Hope it goes smoothly for you.

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  • Well if he really likes you he wouldn't break up with you. Maybe you could lie to your dad sometimes and tell him you're going to hang out with your friends.

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