Would this be too much for a first date?

ladies and guys please. I asked out this girl on a date and it hasn't happened yet. I've liked her since high school for like 3 years now she's the only girl I've thought about. I wanna really take her breathe away, but In school however I was kind of a stuck up douche bag.

I'm a pilot and I thought I could do a really cool first date thing and fly her to the beach, hang out, eat dinner, and fly her home (this can all be done in about 4-5 hours). But my friend think it would just look like I was trying to show off or show how full my wallet is which isn't what I wanna do. So should I hold back before I go all out like that? and just do something a little more simple or whatever? thoughts? and also its about a 30 min. flight one way, is that too long? I mean I drove here somewhere 30 min away it would seem like I was going outta my way

particularly ladies, if there was a guy who had a history of being arrogant and showing off who did this would you think he was showing off more? or would it have my desired effect of taking her breathe away?

i promise I'm not too douche-y anymore, and really like this girl

Thanks for the honest answers all. There seems to be a consesus... I will heed :(


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  • That's an amazing concept, but I'd recommend you fly with her on the second date. At the end of the first date, ask her if she'd like to go flying with you on ___ (insert the day) and go to Beach X with you. She'll say yes or no... An then you'll know if it's too much for her.

    Try to keep the first date short (only a few hours), sweet, and simple. If you want to show off, "accidentally" pass a florist and get her a red rose. Cliche, but it is still a very romantic gesture that's bound to make her smile.


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  • It's not too much. It's just a bad idea.

    That's 30 min each way? What will you do during that time? Mile high club?

    Does she even like flying?

    Plus 4-5 hours is pretty long for a date.

    What will you do at the beach? What kind of hanging out?

    If you want to add flying why not just give her a quick flying lesson?

    • uh, its flying... that's what you do for thirty min. its an airplane ride, nothings more fun than buzzing familiar places and gazing at the view. Its not exactly like taking a airliner from LA to New york.

      and yes she does, but thanks for the answer

    • QA, You're making me giggle. That's how guys see it, while girls either stare wide-eyed into space or clutch the seat till their knuckles are bleach white. Why? because the small planes rattle like they're going to fall apart at any second. Once you're use to it, the flight's okay, but you don't want to overwhelm her on the first date. :-)

  • I think this is a cute idea, but for later down the road. I don't think its the idea that's bad, it's really the amount of time it would take. It might be kind of awkward for her to be with you for so long and just a little much for her. I think a cute simple quick date is more fitting, maybe some ice cream? Something cute where you can talk but not so over the top. Good luck!

    • Completely agree. It is a bit extreme for a first date. What if you guys don't even really get along that well? 4-5 hours of a really romantic environment that just didn't work out.

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