Has anyone gone through this and what was the result?

Well I been friends with this girl. I tell her I'm always there for her I made her feel real special and took to many places she's always wanted to go. She told me she so happy she met me. Well she met this guy and started hanging out with him and when that dude found out she went out with me she started insulting her and they had to get the cops. Well she told me I'm so perfect and I told her how I felt for her she said she liked me and she knew I would make her happy. WHAT DRIVING Me CRAZY is AFTER THAT, well she stopped all communication with me we were suppose to go out last Saturday and she hasn't text or call since then. Will she ever regret not choosing me a guy that cared for her and was always there? Will she ever call back? I told her it hurt to know she likes that other dude and she never told me, she says she not going out with him he there for fun. I told her I wanted to move on and stop having these feelings for her if she into that dude cause it hurt knowing she with him, she said not to move on that we have something between us there and that she does like me. I don't get it cause since that day she told me that which was last Fri she hasn't even call no more why is that, what's going on. I'm hurt to know I showed her how special she is to me and took her to very romantic places I know we're friends but now to not even text. Will she ever regret choosing that guy over me and will she ever text me. Many friends tell me she'll regret it cause I was a nice guy to her and she will text me back there's no doubt, what you think? Have you had any experience like that of a friends that you cared and chose someone else.


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  • Classic case of why the nice never gets the girl. This is what you did wrong, to start with you rushed things and you spooked her man, I am telling you if you rush things with girls they will run and keep on running. Your probably not going to get this one back.

    Your the safe guy, the guy she can call and hang out with and who will treat her like a princess, she gets the attention she wants from you, and that's it nothing more, you lack the edge women need, and so what happened she knew this all along women are very sneaky and then you find out she's talking to another guy oh that sucks, this guy moving in on your girl. Bet that pissed ya off.

    I tell people on this site never never ever reveal your feelings to a girl to soon, or until you have already slept with her. Because they will run, and I have women and guys on here telling me all the time only some girls are like that,some must mean about 95% of the female population, and well here go again case and point she stopped all communication with you at the drop of a hat.

    So let me ask you how many dates did you go on with this girl? Have you kissed her, and have you had sex with her? I know exactly what you did wrong, I just don't want to sit here and type it all, so send me a message.


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  • She got involved with a piece of shit, walk away, you can't save those who don't want the rescue. I know this from bitter experience. A lot of women were attracted to me because I am very dom. Sadly, a lot of batterers also present like that. I was dismayed to see that the next guy a lot of women dated wound up being abusive. I was afraid I broke them. The answer was a bit different, I failed to give them the bad relationship they were shopping for. As a result, they kept looking until they found what they wanted.

  • several problems I see here because once I too was a "nice guy". first off, what happened when she stopped calling you? you thought of her more, and more and more. DO THE SAME BACK! people want what they cannot have, and when your allover her and "nice" you get put into the wussy "friend zone" subconsciously and she will NOT be attracted to that. second, do not express all of your feelings to her, play it cool, busy, and aloof and see what happens. get to a point in your personal life where you are cool with her wanting to date you or not, either way you are ok. thrid, don't ever show her you NEED anything from her (emotionally etc) women LIKE nice guys as friends, they don't WAAAAANNNNTT them in a passionate, attraction type way.

    do yourself some good by googling david deangelo, he helped me triple my dating and I didn't pay for his advice, freee newsletter that will really open your eyes.

    I am not trying to be cold or rutheless, truth hurts though, and I completely empathise because I too have been there. good luck my friend